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Luigi Ciminiera    (Full Professor)
Claudio Demartini    (Full Professor)
Bartolomeo Montrucchio    (Researcher)
Paolo Montuschi    (Full Professor)
Maurizio Morisio    (Associate Professor)
Silvano Rivoira    (Full Professor)
Andrea Sanna    (Researcher)
Angelo Serra    (Full Professor)
Riccardo Sisto    (Full Professor)
Marco Torchiano    (Researcher)
Innovative paradigms for distributed computing    (Resp. Luigi Ciminiera)
The application domain    (Resp. Claudio Demartini)
Formal methods for software and system engineering    (Resp. Riccardo Sisto)
Computer graphics    (Resp. Andrea Sanna)
Software engineering    (Resp. Maurizio Morisio)
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